Ill.-Chicago Statistics 2023

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Bench Points Per Game 311 F Fla. Atlantic
Effective FG pct 285 D- Gonzaga
Fastbreak Points 251 D+ TCU
Scoring Offense * 301 F+ Gonzaga
Scoring Defense * 201 C- Tennessee
Free-Throw Percentage * 296 D- Villanova
Rebound Margin * 349 F- Purdue
Assists Per Game * 226 C- Xavier
Turnovers Per Game * 223 C- Penn St.
Assist Turnover Ratio 250 D+ Virginia
Blocked Shots Per Game 39 B+ Utah Valley
Field-Goal Percentage 314 F Gonzaga
Field-Goal Percentage Defense 212 C- Tennessee
Personal Fouls Per Game 265 D Colgate
Scoring Margin 289 D- Houston
Steals Per Game 150 Missouri
Three-Point Field Goals Per Game 112 C+ Chattanooga
Three-Point Field-Goal Percentage 258 D Utah St.
ThreePt FG Defense 68 Tennessee
Turnover Margin 107 C+ Missouri
Won-Lost Percentage 258 D Fla. Atlantic
MPI - Marchpool Index 296 D- Houston
RPI - Ratings Percentage Index Rank 282 D- Houston

* These statistics are included in the MPI Resiliency Index.

Last update: Jan 29 2023, 07:14 PM